Have you also heard about the very popular belief that women gain weight once they start making love?

Becoming sexually active can have various effects on your body.

Scientists have claimed that sex can improve your heart health, relieve stress, improve sleep and can control fluctuations in blood circulation.

According to health experts, indulging in intimate sessions also boosts a healthy lifestyle.

However, contrary to its health benefits, there are several schools of thought that say that regular sex can also make you fat.

Let’s see how true this is and if it is the reason behind weight gain soon after marriage.

Does regular sex make you gain weight?

Sex does not make you gain weight but an imbalance of sex hormones can impact your body weight. However, this imbalance has nothing to do with your sexual activity.

In fact, it depends on a range of factors like your puberty age, menstrual cycle and menopause.

Research has shown that fluctuation in sex hormones such as DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), estrogen and progesterone contribute to weight gain.

If you are deficient in DHEA hormone (which is a precursor to sex hormones, both in men and women), then you might gain weight.

Instabilities in estrogen and progesterone hormones can also make you gain weight.

Gaining weight after marriage

It is a popular belief that women tend to gain weight soon after marriage. First, it should be noted that it’s not only women but also men who may gain weight post-wedding.

However, sex being the culprit for weight gain after marriage is an absolute myth. According to health experts, weight gain has to do nothing with sex.

Gaining weight after marriage is linked with the comfort of being in a relationship and earning a sense of security.

Some studies also prove that people who are in a relationship tend to eat more than singles. Hence, exercising regularly with the right diet is the secret to maintaining body weight.

Can sex help you to lose weight?

It would be amazing if you can get in shape while having pleasure and fun, right? Sex can actually help you lose extra calories.

While making love, you expend energy and according to experts, you can burn from 100 to 300 calories in a passionate 30-minute sex session.