DJ Azonto’s management team, the Rolls Royce Family, has issued a stern statement following the unauthorized use of his hit song “Fa No Fom” at political events.

A recent video shows Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia dancing to the song during rallies in the Ashanti Region, accompanied by notable political figures such as NPP’s regional chairman, Chairman Wontumi, and Honorable Kennedy Agyapong.

This occurrence comes despite DJ Azonto’s earlier demand compensation for the unauthorized use of his song.

The video has since gone viral, raising concerns about the disregard for intellectual property rights.

The Rolls Royce Family has now escalated their demand, requesting an additional sum from each of the political figures involved.

They noted that this issue is not merely about financial compensation but also about respecting the rights and efforts of artists.

DJ Azonto had previously expressed his intention to reward his mother with a car if his song was used in political activities. However, despite the repeated use of “Fa No Fom” by Dr. Bawumia and others, no compensation or acknowledgment has been provided.

The Rolls Royce Family finds it troubling that the artist’s work is being used without permission, particularly for political purposes, which undermines the value of the artist’s creation.

The management team urges Dr. Bawumia, Chairman Wontumi, and Kennedy Agyapong to address the issue promptly and provide the necessary compensation.

They remain open to dialogue to resolve the matter amicably but insist that appropriate measures must be taken to rectify the ongoing infringement.

Additionally, they call on music bodies such as the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) to advocate for and protect the rights of musicians in such matters.