Diana Hopeson

Former president of the Musicians Union of Ghana, Diana Hopeson, has successfully inaugurated her much anticipated ‘Up North’ EP album. 

The inauguration constituted the album listening and the christening of the cover art.

Addressing the event, which was also aired live on Facebook, she stated that ‘Up North’ is to reach people in the north with poised songs of praise and worship in their dialect. 

Track list and album cover of UP North EP

My decision is to inspire and spearhead the movement of ministering, praying and doing songs with our local dialects. And I believe God loves and appreciates us that way, she added.

Additionally, she said the project came in mind a year ago after she was tasked to translate her songs into local languages.

Track list of Up North EP

The ‘Up North’ EP includes ‘Mandaana’ (My Lord and Saviour), ‘Ubanghiji’, ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Spontaneous Prayer on Covid-19.’

The album also consists of songs in languages such as Hausa, Frafra and Goli for those in the northern part of Ghana.

Present at the occasion were Helena Rhabbles, Joseph Akwasi and many notable music fanatics.