The University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) has warned government not to touch their pension funds in the ongoing debt exchange programme.

The Association said should government not heed their caution, it will not be taken it lightly. 

The National Secretary of the University Teachers Association of Ghana, Dr Asare Asante-Annor, made this known in a media interview on Wednesday. 

According to him, it will not be right for pensioners to suffer for the financial irresponsibility of the government. 

“Our opinion is that our money should not be touched, pensions of our members and Ghanaians should not be affected as a result of the debt exchange programme because these are monies that they have legitimately contributed for their entire working lives, and they should be allowed to enjoy it while they are in pension,” Dr Asante-Annor said.

Dr Asante-Annor, however, urged the president to cut down the size of his government and save costs. 

According to him, that is where the first step of burden-sharing begins. 

“We also ask government to go ahead with measures which will also control their expenditure. We have a lot of local resources that we believe we should make use of it efficiently. 

“We have also talked about the size of government to be reduced significantly so that we know that we all share the burden. 


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“Also, some of the flagship programmes will have to be looked at critically,” the National Secretary of UTAG advised.

Government launched the Debt Exchange Programme on Monday as part of efforts to reduce the country’s debt burden.

But since the announcement, a number of groups had publicly voiced their rejection of the programme. 

Groups such as the Trades Union Congress, the Ghana Medical Association and others have openly rejected the idea.

According to them, the move will not auger well for their members.