If you think women are the only ones who fake orgasm in the bedroom, think again.

Studies have shown that one in four men say they have faked an orgasm at some point in their sex lives.

Researchers say men who faked orgasms were happier with their relationships both sexually and romantically. They also tended to fake orgasms to make their partners happy or to create the illusion of simultaneous orgasm, so it was really done with the best of intentions.

Faking an orgasm to give your partner extra pleasure may not be the worst thing, but if the sex isn’t doing it for you, it’s better to say something.

When orgasm is simulated because the sex is not satisfying, or because the partner is not desired, men can be encouraged to explore ways to enhance pleasure in sex or to communicate with their partners about activities that they find arousing and satisfying.

Just like women, men have their own special tricks and tells when it comes to faking male orgasms. There are special ways they move, jerk, and vocalize that help them sell their “authentic” release to their unsuspecting partners.

If you want to know if your man’s sexual pleasure is the real deal, here are five of the most common techniques that men use to fake orgasms with their partners.

  • They change the pace

When a man just wants the sex to be over, he has to create the illusion that he’s somehow found a way to build his orgasm. From a practical standpoint, that means making it seem that his physical movements have reached some sort of climax. This normally involves a slow, gradual increase in his pelvic thrusts to send the message that “Oh yes, I’m almost there.”

  • They tremble

Women know that orgasms explode through your nervous system like electric shocks, so if a man doesn’t seem sufficiently “electrified” by their release, it can be a clear sign that something isn’t right.

That’s why men with the unfortunate experience of faking orgasms know that a good tremble can really help bring the illusion to life. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy — a shudder, a shake, a quick, sharp jerk — but a sudden, swift tremble really does make the orgasm appear much more authentic.

  • Pull out

One of the risks of men faking orgasms is that, normally, there is some physical evidence of the orgasm left behind. But that doesn’t mean a quick-thinking faker can’t get around that. One common strategy is to unexpectedly pull out — blaming it on the intensity of the orgasm — so that the man can eliminate any trace of the ejaculation in the confusion.

  • Hide erection

If they finish their fake release and they’re still hard as a rock, that’s a more complex situation. One solution is for the man to immediately run to the bathroom, blaming their exit on an urgent post-coital pee.

Or they might immediately flip their partner over onto their back, maybe to give a back rub or start kissing around the neck, which seems sweet, until you realize that they’re doing anything to keep their turgid, unsatisfied boners out of anyone’s eye lines.