An unexpected scene has caused mayhem in a Nigerian mortuary and has left workers in dismay.

Videos making rounds on social media suggest that a dead woman reportedly came back to life after spending hours in the mortuary.

In the footage, it was reported by an eyewitness that the woman was pronounced dead and brought to the mortuary by her family members for preservation.

However, as the anatomy students were about to work on her, she is said to have sprang up from the bed. The students took to their heels.

“A woman was brought in dead by her family members to the mortuary in UNIBEN they finalized all the documentation and left, as the Anatomy students was about to start work on the woman she stood up and everybody took off. The woman has a second shot at lifeā€¦”

The video captured the students dispersed in various parts of the premise while others expressed shock at the unexplained incident.

Watch video below: