Musician and entertainer, D-Black has clarified his relationship with Fella Makafui whose marriage with rapper, Medikal has hit a snag.

In the past month, D-Black is seen in a video circulated on social media lightning a cigar for Fella Makafui, which sparked fury in her husband, Medikal as he called both of them out for their irresponsible behavior.

Medikal alleged that, his wife picked up such bad habits from D-Black and the associates she mingles with in his club.

In view of this, he recorded a diss song titled ‘Just in Case’, targeted at D-Black.

But D-Black said he has nothing to do with the marital crisis of the celebrity couple.

In series of tweets, has clarified that he did not hand Fella the cigar roll, but only lighted it on her request.

He explained that, Fella bought the cigar with her own money and only approached him to light it up for her.

D-Black further rubbish all allegations of being romantically involved with Fella Makafui, adding that he has not even set eyes on her in over two years.

He asked Medikal to reach out to him if he has any grievances and quit ranting social media.