The African Centre for Economic Transformation (ACET) has urged government to be more strategic with its revenue mobilisation.

According to the group, this will allow government to have control over its domestic resources and reduce its reliance on other countries.

Government has expressed optimism of meeting its revenue target despite the potential drop in revenue from tax cuts announced in the 2017 budget.

Speaking to Class Business on the sidelines of a Resource Mobilisation and Management Policy Lending Event, Director of Country Engagement and Operations at ACET, Dr Edward Brown, noted that enforcing compliance will enhance revenue mobilisation in the country.

“…We have to reduce dependency [on other countries] and have a better control over our own domestic resource mobilisation and that is where the road lies. The government needs to be more strategic, they need to look at a number of …issues relating to domestic resource mobilisation particularly the whole issue of property taxes and municipal taxes. All those things that will help to enhance revenue at the local and national level, government must focus on that. It is one of the key areas that government needs to focus on,” he stated.

source: classfm