The Lead Consultant for Robert Smith Law Group, Bobby Banson, says the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) is an institution that exists due to international treaties signed by the country.

According to him, the creation of the office was not just to fulfil a campaign promise.

Speaking on JoyNews’ AM Show on Friday, he warned against actions that could undermine the purpose for creating the OSP .

“If we are treating this office, for lack of a better word, like “chaskele”, then everybody can throw shades by virtue of the personality occupying it. We will then be undermining the institution that we created to fight our biggest problem as a country,” he explained.

This comment comes after a petition seeking the removal of Kissi Agyabeng as Special Prosecutor was forwarded by President Akufo-Addo to the Chief Justice.

Mr. Amidu alleged procurement breaches in the purchase of vehicles for the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) and abuses involving judges and the administration of justice.

Other allegations include violations of citizens’ rights through arrests and detentions, violations of the right to information, and improper appointments of personnel to the office.

But according to the lawyer, the biggest problem plaguing the country is corruption; a menace the OSP seeks to fight.

Mr. Banson stated that, if corruption is curbed, it will improve the country’s financial situation and eliminate the need for loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“If one of the most independent institutions that we have established in line with the international obligations and by virtue of our own statutory prohibitions, we keep addressing the personality of those institutions and not the institution itself, then [that means], whoever takes that office, we will look at that person in a certain way.

“Because it is as if, if somebody is there, and we don’t like what the person is doing, then we want to remove the person,“ he said.

Mr. Banson said all efforts to clamp down on corruption will be futile should the incumbent Special Prosecutor be kicked out of office due to his modus operandi.

“We should be very mindful of some of our actions and I am very confident in the capacity and the ability of the Chief Justice.

“I have not seen the evidence. I hope there is a prima facie case, but if it is the mere epistles, then I do not see how a prima facie case would be established from there,” he said.