The Convention Peoples Party(CPP) has called on government to adopt the state farms model introduced by the first CPP government with the use of prison labour force to revive the agriculture of the country.

Speaking at the celebration of the Founder’s Day at Kwamoso, a farming community where a defunct state oil palm plantation was established in the 1960s, the Eastern Regional Chairman of the CPP, Mr Isaac Opare-Addo said if the government had adopted the state farm model within the 21 months that it has been in office, by now the nation would have been able to produce more food.

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He said the prisons of Ghana are holding a large labour force which is going waste and the country is spending large amount of money to feed them and it is time for the country to take advantage of the situation to engage the prisoners in more productive work to help recover the cost of maintaining the prison service.

Mr Opare-Addo expressed regret that the country continues to import large amount of sugar while the Komenda Sugar Factory is going wasted despite the huge investment made by government in the project.

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Mr Mawutor Semeta, the Eastern Regional Secretary of the CPP, said Ghana has once enjoyed a well organized and prepared free education under the first CPP government and this is the way forward for the new Free SHS regime.

He said Kwamoso and the facilities established by the first CPP government in the community has been neglected for years but are still available to house the people of Kwamoso – is a demonstration that the ideas and policies of CPP are long lasting and still relevant to the country.

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