File photo: Coronavirus

The Deputy General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) and a member of the Infectious Diseases Committee, has said that the third wave of Covid-19, could have been avoided if the Health Ministry had adhered to their advice.

Dr Titus Beyuo was part of panelists who discussed the implications of the third wave of Covid-19 for Ghana on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Wednesday. He said the GMA warned about the possibility of the third wave, months ago.

“Yesterday, I heard the President say we have dropped our guards. When did GMA not talk about let’s not drop our guard? Check our press statements way back. We appealed and nobody would listen,” he stressed.

Dr Beyuo reiterated that the third wave is a new reality, thus, the narrative from leadership has to change.

“So if we said that this is going to happen, instead of looking at how to fix it, the next thing is people jump to defence and make a press conference and tell us that everything is fine.

“We said that we were going to be challenged with ICU beds. What did we see? Shortly, the Ministry and the people came out to say that we had enough capacity,” he noted.

Meanwhile, data from the Ghana Health Service reveals that the active cases stand at 3,466 as of today July 21. This figure is 342 cases higher than what was reported on the website yesterday.

Two more deaths have been recorded, raising the death toll to 817. New cases stand at 304.

Covid-19: We forewarned about third wave months ago- GMA
Covid-19 data as of July 21 2021. Source: Ghana Health Service

With the additional cases reported, the total cases confirmed by the Ghana Health Service is 99,734. Out of this number, 95,451 persons have recovered and have been discharged from the various health facilities.

He said the GMA also raised concerns about the limited supply of oxygen and called on government to put in measures in ensuring the availability of adequate oxygen for the Intensive Care Units at various health facilities, but to no avail.