Pastor Mensa Otabil

Founder and leader of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) Pastor Mensa Otabil has cautioned against ignoring the Covid-19 safety protocols.

He said God has highly favored Ghana by not allowing the country to witness an adverse impact of the pandemic, however, there’s a need to ensure that the virus is kept under control.

“As we know, from March to now; probably six months ago, it’s been quite an interesting time in our lives.

“We’ve had to live in these uncertain times and I know that Ghana has been doing well and God has been good to us.

“But I don’t want anybody to have a sense of complacency so to think that, it is over so let us relax,” he said.

Speaking during his sermon on Sunday, he expressed worry over the relaxed nature of citizens towards observing the Covid-19 safety protocols while the pandemic still exists.

He said “a lot of people are relaxed: they are not wearing their masks, no social distancing, but the last thing you would want to happen to you is to catch the virus when it’s leaving,” he said.

Ghana is one of the countries that was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since the pandemic visited its shores in March, the country has recorded a total of 46,694 [as of October 4, 2020].

However, recovery rate has been good as 45, 945 persons out of the total recorded cases have recovered with 301 deaths so far.

The pastor warned against throwing caution to the wind because of the high recovery numbers and the low death rate.

He urged citizens to continue to observe the protocols so as not to undermine the country’s efforts in the fight.

“You have fought a good fight, let’s finish well. Let’s put it out, let’s totally eradicate it so we can get back our lives in good times.

“I know it’s tiring, it’s wearisome but the virus is not tired so we have to hold on and do the right thing until we are totally clear of all the marks that this virus has left us,” he said.