The Ga East and 37 Military Hospitals have released their Covid-19 autopsy reports for research purposes.

The research conducted by 10 medical professionals was to provide pathological evidence for better understanding and improved management of the disease in Ghana.

The researchers concluded that damage to the lungs was a key feature of deaths caused by the virus in Ghana.

 The autopsies of 20 persons between 20 years and 79 years, who tested positive for COVID-19 before or after death, were used.

“Under conditions required for carrying out autopsies on bodies infected with category three infectious agents, with few modifications, complete autopsies were performed on 20 patients with ante-mortem and/or postmortem RT -PCR confirmed positive COVID‐19 results, between April and June 2020,” part of the report indicated.

Almost all of them had co-morbid conditions, including 13 patients, who were 55-years or older and 65 percent of the patients had Type II diabetes or hypertension.


“Most of these patients presented with respiratory symptoms of varying severity with decreased saturation on intranasal oxygen (INO2) in association with other constitutional symptoms such as fever, headache, malaise, generalised weakness and collapse,” it added.

The report, published on, indicated there was an equal proportion of males and females. 

Meanwhile, the country’s active cases currently stand at 6,658, a death toll of 577, total confirmed cases at 80, 253 and 73,018 recoveries.

Read the full report below:

Covid-19: 37 Military, Ga East hospitals release autopsy reports for research by Dennis Adu on Scribd