COVID-19 is fast changing the world and making things difficult and one of the most hit industries is the creative arts sector.

While some have improvised to make the situation better, rapper and singer Trigmatic believes the creative sector in Ghana has been uncovered as the most unplanned industry.

This, he believes, is a result of some very key systems and structures which have not been put in place to ensure smooth running of the industry now and in times ahead.

“You can tell Ghana was not ready; some artistes in other countries got some kind of assistance and funding from different societies in the fraternity. Here, these people are always falling on the government for some monies wheras these people are working.

“For instance, if the royalty system was working, if the data collection system was good, then we know who must get what at which time,” he said.


Trigmatic made these revelations on Showbiz Now with KMJ on Joy Prime and urged stakeholders and those who matter to start taking a critical look at the industry.

When quizzed if he would accept an offer for Deputy Tourism and Creative Arts Minister, Trigmatic hinted he will gladly take it, since it is a position to bring the change he is preaching about.