A divorce case involving a Nigerian couple has been resolved in one of the most interesting and unexpected ways.

A court reportedly struck out a divorce application after the husband impregnated the wife while the case was still in court.

The lawyer who shared the story on Twitter, revealed that the wife got pregnant during the coronavirus lockdown and at the time, the case had been put on hold owing to the threat of the pandemic.

On resumption of hearing their appeal for dissolution of marriage, it was discovered that the wife had taken in, so the presiding judge did not grant their request.

The lawyer shared:

We dey court dey try to divorce you and your wife, small Covid-19 lockdown you go give her belle. Life no suppose be like that nah.

Lawyer to the wife says the baby is CTC of reconciliation.

But in all, this is one of my most successful case so far. Great plot twist to bring the couple back together. Case file closed.”