Madina MP

The Kaneshie District Court has issued a warrant for the arrest of Member of Parliament (MP) for Madina, Francis-Xavier Sosu.

This was after the MP failed to show up in court for the third time since criminal charges were filed against him.

His lawyer, Victor Adawudu, on Monday told the court the MP is attending a parliamentary committee meeting and was, therefore, unable to show up in court.

Prosecutor ASP Sylvestre Asare told the court that it was clear that for such a criminal matter, the court had the discretion to issue a warrant for the arrest of the MP.

He insisted the MP cannot send someone to represent him in a criminal matter.

“He has a clear intention and has demonstrated that to this court, it amounts to disrespect to this court,” ASP Asare said.

He insisted that no one is above the court.