Ghanaians risk plunging themselves into a big tragedy, should a second wave of coronavirus be allowed to escalate, the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has warned.

The GMA President, Dr Frank Ankobea, says if Ghanaians aren’t careful, trouble will strike and Ghana may go under a nationwide lockdown.

He was speaking on The Big Agenda on Adom TV, following President Nana Akufo-Addo’s alarming report – Sunday night – that the average Covid-19 infections are now 130 daily.

It was put to him that the very political leaders who are preaching social distancing are the ones massing up the people in campaign rallies, peace walks and jogging.

Responding to that, Dr Ankobea said Covid prevention is an individual responsibility, thus Ghanaians should do their bid by observing social protocols.

“Government should also step up publicity on the resurging of the infection, reduce car passengers, regulate funerals again and stop the rampant handshakes,” he said.


A virologist, Dr Michael Owusu, was also called onto The Big Agenda to assess Ghana’s readiness for a second wave of infections or increasing numbers.

Dr Owusu, while acknowledging that there’re many testing places across the country, regretted that Ghanaians maintain a poor attitude towards disease prevention.

Sheer grace, he said, is the reason the country has not recorded many deaths.