T.B. Joshua

Renowned Nigerian prophet, Temitope Balogun Joshua, known better as T. B. Joshua, has revealed that the novel coronavirus is caused by an “error in advanced technology.”

The leader and founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations making the assertion, emphasised that he received the revelation on the cause of the pandemic from the Holy Spirit.

The televangelist insisted that world leaders and scientists know the root cause of the pandemic but are feigning ignorance about the pandemic.

The man of God recently came under harsh criticisms when his prophesy that the novel coronavirus pandemic was going to be resolved by 27th March 2020 but that did not happen.

Read below what Prophet T.B. Joshua said about COVID-19 and World leaders:

“You know I am not a politician. I just have to give you as the Spirit gave me because I received this message four days ago from the Holy Spirit. World leaders and scientists know what they are doing; they know what is happening.

“That is why they keep promoting fear and panic. Before coronavirus, there were deaths – but they never mentioned the number of deaths to us. Now, we begin to count the number of ‘death’ instead of counting the number of ‘life’.

“They know the gravity of the situation. The whole thing has to do with error in advanced technology. You know, I am not a scientist. The whole thing has to do with error, mistake in advanced technology.

“Now innocent people are dying, especially the elderly. Nothing is worth the blood of innocent souls, innocent people. There is no acceptable excuse for doing this.

“This is an opportunity for our world leaders, our scientists to look at the trouble spots in the world, e.g., Syria so that the displaced people can return to their countries. If not, I am seeing God’s anger.

“Let us abide by what the Bible says in 2 Chronicles 7:14. I am a minister of God; I am not a politician. I should not go too far from my profession. I should not speak what God has not asked me to say. I will leave the rest but I will let you know what is to come.”