The Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited (BOST) was fumigated and disinfected on Thursday to rid the company of any virus.

The exercise was carried out in response to the recent case of some 46 staff testing positive for Covid-19.

The company originally announced a temporary closure which took effect from Monday which would last July 13.

In this regard, extensive fumigation and disinfection exercise was undertaken by Dansworld Services Limited, a local company specialised in fumigation and disinfection exercises in Ghana.

Chief Executive Officer of the company, Bernard Ntow Danso, stated that the exercise was done to enable the company to resume it’s activities as soon as possible.

“Well we understand the importance of BOST in our economy and hence, when we were tasked with the fumigation, we used world class materials, coupled with the solution to undertake this exercise.

“I can say on authority, that BOST can get back to business after this exercise with no fears of the premises serving as a breeding ground for COVID19,” he said.

He emphasised that there is no need for corporate stigmatisation as once the fumigation and disinfection take place, there is increased safety.

Mr Ntow Danso advised staff to adhere to preventive protocols as they come from various places to the office.

Ghana’s Covid-19 cases continue to rise with the current case count standing at 23,463, 129 deaths and 18,622 recoveries.