Daniel Payne

The outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus in China has brought a lot of fear and panic across the globe. This has accounted for many deaths across the globe.

Surprisingly, the Coronavirus is not rampant in Africa. What is Africa doing uniquely that China, Europe and Great America have not done?

Is it good measures put in place? Or good medical facilities? Or the fact that we have good medical doctors.

The answer to the question is none of the measures and facilities enumerated above.

In my humble opinion, the answer is God. It is the presence of God and his unmeasurable grace that is keeping Africa from this deadly Coronavirus.

China, Europe and America are well developed, yet they have gradually sidelined the God who brought them this far. The God who gave them the wisdom, Knowledge, skills and the insight to the great things they have done has been totally eliminated in some cases.

China has rejected God, in some cases Christians are beaten, arrested, imprisoned and in worse cases killed. China taught they have arrived and does not need God. Coronavirus is a return to God.

In Europe and other parts of the globe, churches are closed down to the extent that in some schools you cannot even mention the name of God.

People take money and buy churches and turn them into night clubs and social centres. Where is the God whom you once worshiped? The God you introduced to the people of Africa has been totally forgotten. God through the Coronavirus is saying my people should return to me.

Our approach towards the curbing of this pandemic confirms that indeed God is relegated to the background.

We are only looking at the physical measures- it is good to wash our hands, use the alcohol based hand sanitiser, avoid shaking of hands and the like- but we should remember that it is the Lord that heals.

Exodus 15:26 – If we will return to God and acknowledge him as the Lord and observe his commandments, He says l will not bring any disease on you because l am the Lord that heals your disease.

Africa is not hard hit because the God that Europeans brought has been embraced. In as much as l agree that there are fake and stomach satisfaction pastors, there are equally genuine men and women of God standing in prayers to protect the territorial borders of Africa in addition to the physical prudent measures put in place.

God is bringing revival around the globe amidst this Coronavirus outbreak.

God will surely raise a David to kill this Goliath Virus.

Africa, China, Europe, America, Asia and every corner of the globe should return to God.

Revelation 2:5: We should remember where we have fallen, repent and turn to the Lord.

We should remember that: beyond every physical infection described as pandemic, there is a spiritual agent.

That agent cannot be dealt with, with alcohol hand sanitiser but by prayer.

Proverbs 3:5: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your on understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path.

China return to God

Europe return to God

America return to God

Africa return to God

Psalm 127:1: Except the Lord built the house, the builder built in vain.

Coronavirus a return to God.


Your Servant and Friend.

Daniel Payne

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# Coronavirus, a return to God.