File photo: African American in Prison

At least one convict and a number of suspected criminals escaped from police cells at the Prampram Police Station Monday night.

A young man, named only as “Father,” convicted and sentenced to a four-year jail term by the Prampram District Court last week, is one of the jailbreakers.

Sources say his wife is helping police investigators to re-arrest him and hopefully the other suspects.

The exact circumstances of the jailbreak are unknown and police officers of the Prampram Police Station have remained tight-lipped over the escape.

According to reports, frantic efforts are being made by the police to re-arrest the suspects and the convict.

Father, regarded by community members as a recidivist, was waiting to be transferred to Akuse Prisons following his conviction, but he took matters into his own hands and gave himself undeserved, probably tenuous, freedom. He was arrested by citizens and handed over to the police after an attempted break-in and robbery.

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