A distraught woman has threatened to deal mercilessly with her spouse after he ditched her to wed their househelp on her blind side.

In a voice tape that has since gone viral, the woman could be heard summoning fire and brimstones on her husband’s head for denigrating her to the extent of making their help her rival.

Defending his actions, the father-of-six could be heard saying that he has fallen head over heels for the maid, and nothing can set them apart.

On how the relationship started, he said he was drawn to the househelp due to the busy nature of his wife. He said his wife travels on business trips and rarely has time for him or the children.

Special Adviser on Public Relations at Kogi State Government, Nigeria, who shared the story, used the opportunity to caution women on the consequence of not giving spouses attention.

He wrote:

For those who do not understand Hausa. This is the story of a man who married his house girl as 2nd wife because his wife is a busy businesswoman who frequently travels out of the country.

She hardly has time for her husband or their six children. Now she’s insisting that he sends the new wife (ex-housegirl) away or she’ll deal with him. The man and his new wife insist that it’s legally/Islamically okay and they are happily married and deeply in love. They will not be separated, regardless of the circumstances.