CK Akonnor
C.K. Akonnor

Lawyer Prosper Harrison Addo says coach C.K. Akonnor and his Deputy, David Duncan, willingly accepted that their monthly salaries be slashed.

Mr Addo’s comment comes after the Youth and Sports Minister, Isaac Asiamah said coach Akonnor will suffer pay cut due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Addo is the General Secretary of the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

“I have told the coach [Akonnor] to accept a salary cut in the COVID-19 period before we pay him,” the Sports Minister told Adom TV on the Fire-for-Fire show.

“The Sports Ministry and the GFA are negotiating that we reduce his salary during these difficult times.

“I know he [CK Akonnor] will agree because we are not in normal times, I will not lie. The truth is that we cannot pay CK Akonnor’s full salary in these difficult times,” he added.


And according to Mr Addo, the coaches have agreed to the pay cut proposal from the Minister of Youth and Sports.

“The two (CK Akonnor and David Duncan) agreed during the COVID period that they would like to contribute something, so the Ministry of Youth and Sports also embraced it,” he said on Nhyira FM.

“I personally wanted the two coaches to go out there and say it since it was their involvement, willingness to do this so that they would tell the public.

“I am of the view that some of these things are best left to the people involved,” he concluded.

Coach Akonnor and his deputy are yet to receive their monthly salaries since their appointment in January.