Ghana fan
Ghana fan

A lot of Ghanaian sports fans who applied for visa to witness the ongoing Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022 are still yet to get their decisions after almost 20 working days of submission of their visa applications.

According to reports, about eight hundred(800) applicants have submitted their applications for UK visa to witness the ongoing Commonwealth game in Birmingham United Kingdom but majority of them have not received their decisions whether they will be granted visa or not meanwhile the games is expected to come to an end on Monday 8th of August 2022.

The most worrying part of their plight is that all this eight hundred(800) applicants paid visa fees of one hundred pounds each totally about eighty thousand pounds that is for those who got a date for submission of their applications and there are about three hundred applicants who did priority applications and paid two hundred and fifty pounds each in addition to the visa fee of one hundred pounds.

Again, all of them paid for hotel reservation of fifty five pounds(55) and bought games tickets ranging from fifteen pounds to twenty two (15-22) so the question a lot of the fans who applied for the UK visa are asking is whether the British embassy is only interested in the visa fees but not given considerations to the coming out of the decisions for their applications.

Our investigations revealed that decisions of applicants of UK visa takes maximum of fifteen(15) working days to receive their decisions after submission of applications and applicants who opted for additional services like the priority services get their decisions five(5) to seven(7) working days after submission of their applications.

The worrying phenomena now is whether the British Embassy and the Commonwealth Games Committee did not consider Ghanaian sporting fans as being part of the Commonwealth who should be given the opportunity to witness this historic Commonwealth which fortunately falls on Her Royal Majesty’s Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee.

We appeal to the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Ghana to step in and help these sporting fans get their decisions from the British Embassy before the Commonwealth games, Birmingham 2022 comes to an end on Monday August 8th 2022.