The Africa Head of The Royal Commonwealth Society, a major Commonwealth organisation, has congratulated Felix Tshisekedi for his victory as President-Elect of Congo.

Antoine Tshisekedi, the leader of DRC’s main opposition party was declared the winner of the December 30, 2018, presidential elections in the early hours of January 10, 2019.

The result surprised many observers who believed that the ruling party would ensure victory for Emmanuel Shadary, who was handpicked as out-going President Kabila’s successor.

John Apea

Mr. Apea added, “Although Congo is not a Commonwealth country at the moment, these elections are very important to me because it represents the first democratic electoral transfer of power in Congo in 59 years. This is a celebration for Africa.”

Asked whether the president-elect is a professional qualified to be President, Mr. Apea argued: “ Looking at the past leaders that Africa has had, together with the many broken promises they have uttered, Felix Tshisekedi, is overqualified”.

Speaking to the Press, John Apea stated, “I met Mr. Tshisekedi a few months ago, and I believe that he has the right credentials and passion to be a great President of the DRC”.

Mr. Apea asked all institutions in the DRC, from “the sacred to the secular”, to respect the results of the Electoral Commission of the DRC and let peace prevail.

He added, “confusion, bloodshed and violence must be averted at all cost. Democracy has triumphed”.

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