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Comedian Bismark The Joke steals spotlight at Eddie Nartey’s wedding [Video]


The wedding of Ghanaian actor Eddie Nartey turned into a memorable celebration not just for the newlyweds, but also for the guests, thanks to the comedic genius of Bismark The Joke.

The renowned comedian stole the spotlight with his wild dance moves, leaving attendees in fits of laughter.

Bismark The Joke’s charismatic presence and hilarious dance moves made him the center of attention throughout the event.

As the leader of the groomsmen train, he took the responsibility of ushering the groom into the engagement ceremony venue.

Joining Bismark in the train were fellow entertainers Foster Romanus, James Gardiner, and Peter Ritchie, all adding to the festivities with their vibrant personalities.

Despite the many eyes watching, Bismark The Joke showed no restraint in his performance.

He playfully rolled his garment down his waist, unleashing a side-splitting kete dance routine that had guests roaring with laughter.

Watch video below:

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