toll booth

Road and building consultant, Abdulai Mahama, has called out the government over the termination of the road toll system.

According to him, there should have been reforms to improve the system rather than an abrupt halt.

“It was unrealistic to put the toll away. In fact, this is no news to anyone who knows what I have been saying over the years, that we are still the least country in terms of toll-paying in the world. So you can not develop your roads or do your routine maintenance with that kind of money you’re getting.

“Realistically what we’re charging is inadequate. But Ghanaians will also have an issue that what they’re even paying, they don’t see. Even the spot where they’re paying the toll, the potholes there are so appalling,” he said.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, he stated there was no need for the minister to complain because he had the power to formulate laws for a higher profit-making road toll system.

“But if you know this, that the money you’re supposed to get is less, don’t you cancel the contract between you and the subcontractor who has been mandated to run the affairs. So I do not want to hear any complaints.

“If any minister for whatever matter says we should have been paying more than we are paying and you’re lamenting about it, I’m not the one setting the policies. We are listening to what you say and abide by it. Sometimes we just rant about it that is too high so come to the middle and all of us will be okay. But you are the one who has decided to suspend it,” he fumed.

Ing Abdulai Mahama added that the government should have just admitted they were wrong to suspend the road toll.

“We are expecting them to say we goofed and we promise we are going to make so much money with the e- levy and it didn’t materialize so we’re bringing it back, but this was a legal levy that Nicodemus suspended.”


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Mr Mahama, however, indicated that the major problems government highlighted regarding the road toll system will still exist as there has been no rehabilitation.

“We stated that congestion, queuing, and pedestrian and vehicular conflict were some of the most reasons why we suspended the road toll. So in 2023 that it is coming on, have we even seen any of the toll booths rehabilitated?” he quizzed.

Roads Minister Kwesi Amoako Atta has said that the ‘suspended’ road toll would be reintroduced in 2023 with the rate increased.

According to the minister, the law that allows the charging of road tolls still exists despite government’s decision to cease its collection in November 2021.