A three-year-old child has become an icon to behold as she has the spiritual ability to heal people suffering various ailments.

Eunice Julius from Kinyarwanda performs miracles on a daily basis, and beneficiaries travel far and wide for her supernatural healing.

According to her parents, she has set up a tabernacle where she heals blind, deaf, mentally challenged persons, as well as blesses women with children using her self-made holy water.

She is the last born of 11 children, but her mother told Afrimax TV that she behaves like an adult, for which they believe she is an ancestor or a reincarnation.

Agnes Taabu Julius described the birth of Eunice as a difficult and mysterious one, having lived in her womb for three years.

At exactly 7 months, she said her daughter began speaking like an adult and could communicate in fathomable language and gestures.

However, at that time, they had no idea of her supernatural abilities until she turned three.

It was a fateful Thursday evening when Enisse claimed she could hear the voice of her heavenly mother instructing her to walk into a burning flame.

She heeded to the order, and shockingly, not a single strand of hair was burnt on her body, to the amazement of many residents who were previously convincing her to rescind her decision.

Thereon, her family said they obey her commands.

Speaking to Afrimax TV, Eunice said the voice she heard on that day was her “biological mother”, Virgin Mary and her brother is Jesus who gave her her mysterious powers.

She added that she was taught how to use her powers when she went into a trance.

Eunice claimed Virgin Mary asked her to build her tabernacle using only stones and heal people for free.

Some of her congregation corroborated her claims that they have been healed of cancer and other ailments free of charge.

That notwithstanding, Eunice’s mother, Agnes said many are not excited about her daughter’s powers and several attempts have been made to poison her or attack her spiritually.

All efforts were revealed to her in a trance thus rendering them unsuccessful.

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