Before starting a new relationship with your partner, think of the great ways to set an excellent scene for some lovey-dovey moments.

Probably you’ve been with your partner for a long time and still find yourself trying to make the relationship feel new with some sensual touches for the bedroom display.

Either way, there’s a to-do list before you hit the sheets according to and If you want to be really ready for intimacy, consider this as a one-stop checklist.

Below are expert tips on what to do before having sex with your significant other.

Clean up often

Taking frequent showers from time to time keeps the body clean for when the adventure wants to happen.

If you know you’re not going to see your man or woman, then maybe you can slack off a bit on your beauty routine. Otherwise, you should try to clean up a bit before you head to the bar or out on a date.

If you showered in the morning but worked all day, you might want to at least rinse off so you’re feeling fresh. Re-apply deodorant too. It can’t hurt.

Attend to your feminine region with care

What a woman or man does with the hair down there is a personal choice, but unless you really prefer the natural look of things, you don’t have to grab your razor every day, but your man or woman will definitely appreciate the effort you make to keep things neat and trim.

Whether you prefer waxing or shaving, make sure you leave at least a few hours between your beauty regimen and your date. This will give your skin a chance to heal and help avoid irritation that can cause unsightly red bumps.

Do one thing that makes you feel sexier

Feeling sexy and desirable to your partner is a key component that contributes to sexual enjoyment. Before sex, do something that makes you feel a little sexier and confident.

Maybe that’s having a shower, wearing some underwear you feel confident in or listening to a sensual song. Something that makes you feel more attractive will put you in a more sexual headspace.

Hint at sex long before you have it

While spontaneity is often praised, creating some sexual tension well before you hit the bedroom can make for a more exciting encounter. Hours of anticipation will pay off.

“Give your partner a lingering kiss in the morning, a flirtatious text during the day or a suggestive wink when they walk in the door,” said Sarah Hunter Murray, a sex researcher and relationship therapist. “Something that indicates sex could very well be on horizon but gives you time for your imagination to wander and your body to get warmed up,” she added.

Have condoms ready

Safe sex is obviously important, which for some may include protection. For men, have condoms ready to go before you get busy so you’re well prepared, said Sunny Rodgers, a clinical sexologist and certified sex coach.

“And know the proper way to place a condom on a partner’s penis,” she said, adding that “I always recommend purchasing large-size condoms since there is a minuscule difference between regular and large sizes.”