Lydia Forson | photo credit: @Lydiaforson/Instagram

Actress Lydia Forson has flaunted her elder brother on social media in some never-seen photos.

She paid her brother, who stays miles away in an overseas land, a surprise visit to check up on him after four years apart.

She described her brother as one who hates pictures, social media or anything that has to do with spotlight.

Lydia Forson and brother

A video she posted detailed her journey from the airport to the moment she arrived at his doorstep.

The visit was her first opportunity to meet her nieces, Emma and Kezi who she only communicated with on phone.

After her visit, they toured the country and took photos of the memorable moment.

The Forsons were captured in a place believed to be a park where she planted a kiss on her brother’s cheek.

Lydia Forson and brother