Castro and Janet Bandu

It has been six years today, June 6, 2020 since the disappearance of musician Castro ‘under fire’ after a jet-ski ride went wrong.

Castro who was in the company of Asamoah Gyan and a rumoured lover never returned to shore when he hopped on what was supposed to be a fun ride on the Ada river.

His first visit to Aqua Safari and first time on the Ada River proved to be the last time he was seen alive.

Till date, there have been series of prophesies either claiming him alive or dead, leaving his family and Ghanaians with a thin hope of survival.

Without a single melodious tune from the classic musician, the only symbol of remembrance remains a photo he took on the jet-ski, moments before he rode off.

Castro on his jet-ski on Ada River
Castro on his jet-ski on Ada River

He will be legally declared dead next year per constitutional requirements for missing persons.

According to The Evidence Act of 1975, Section 33, a person can only be declared legally dead after seven years by a court, where the person in question has not been seen or heard from in seven years despite diligent and persistent efforts to find him.