Textiles Ghana Limited, Printers of GTP local fabrics, has released two new collections christened ‘Lockdown’ and ‘Fellow Ghanaians’ unto the Ghanaian market.

According to GTP, the use of such words, which have become popular amid the coronavirus pandemic, is to remind Ghanaians of the safety protocols and the need for adherence.

It is also to tell generations yet unborn that once upon a time in the year 2020, a certain strange phenomenon called COVID-19 occurred.

This caused the whole world to go on lockdown in order to save and preserve the life of the human race.


The lockdown collection comes in four unique designs with each design expressed in four different colours depicting some of the lockdown measures.

With regard to the ‘Fellow Ghanaians’ designs, it is to remind Ghanaians about the Covid-19 story which cannot be told without President Nana Akufo-Addo’s periodic national broadcasts.

His speeches always begin with the phrase, ‘Fellow Ghanaians’ which has become an affectionate nickname that has gained prominence around the globe.

The lockdown design
Another lockdown design
The fellow Ghanaian design