Gifty Osei

Gospel musician Empress Gifty Adorye has given her opinion on why there is absence of happiness in most marriages and how it can be averted.

Mrs Adorye dropped a bombshell when she stated that cheating is part of marriage and spouses must get used to that fact.

The reason, she explained, is that it allows spouses to psych their minds so that the shock of a cheating discovery would not be intense.

Speaking in an interview on Accra FM, the ex-Member of Parliament’s wife of two years defended mistakes are inevitable in marriage, and cheating falls under such a category.

“Don’t see your husband as Holy Ghost or your wife as Hail Mary. Have it at the back of your mind that they are humans made up of flesh and blood. If you deceive yourself that your partner won’t cheat, the day they will, you will go mad,” she emphasised.


Empress Gifty further stated that couples should see cheating as the weakness of flesh, a sin that started in ancient times and will never change.

The power of that knowledge, she said, will help spouses forgive easily, which can lead to a dramatic decrease in divorce rate.