Celestine Donkor

Gospel musician, Celestine Donkor, is in a fix after receiving a mouth-watering deal from a foreign online betting company.

The gospel act has shared her fears on social media, where she was seeking opinion on whether or not to reject the deal.

In a recent post on Instagram, she shared a screenshot of the proposal from the betting company, requesting to be one of their advertisers.

She stands to benefit from $500 to $7,000 yearly should she sell traffic on her social media page to the advertising network.

A portion of the proposal read: “Your target audience quite suits us. According to primary analytics, there may be 30 target registrations in our betting company per your 100 subscribers. Throughout the year, your page can bring you income from $ 500 to $ 7,000 per year by placing our brand for upcoming sporting events!”

The offer seems juicy to Celestine, giving the lack of investment and sponsorship to gospel artistes and the economic setback the country is currently facing.

She that notwithstanding is second-guessing, worrying it might contradict her stance as a minister of the gospel.

“Is betting a sin? Is it wrong for a gospel artiste to endorse a betting company?” she quizzed her followers.