Footage has been released of the terrifying moments leading up to when Amir Khan was robbed at gunpoint.

The former boxer and his wife, Faryal Makhdoom, had been crossing the road in the Leyton area of London when two men appeared.

A gun was pointed at Khan’s face and he was ordered to handover his £71,000 watch.

Police arrived and searched the area, but the men had already fled in a getaway car.

Faryal has now posted CCTV footage from the night.

The clip shows a Mercedes car hastily pull up by the side of the street, before two men leap out and dash down the road.

Faryal wrote on Instagram the incident had made her feel ‘sick to her stomach’.

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The 35-year-old claimed a gun was brandished before his watch was stolen (Picture: Getty Images)

The couple had just left the Sahara Grill restaurant when they were ambushed.

A picture of Khan with a fan had been posted online earlier in the day, in which the Olympic medalist’s flashy watch was clearly on display.

There are fears he could have been a ‘deliberate target.’

The 35-year-old told MailOnline‘This whole thing has left me and Faryal very shaken up and scared. You don’t expect to be robbed at gun point, not in London. That’s the kind of thing that happens in the US but not in England.

The boxer was with his wife Faryal Makhdoom when two men approached him (Picture: PA)

‘I’m lucky to be alive and once the robbers fled, I just wanted to hug my wife and kids.

‘The thought of my family stopped me from taking them on because if I had, I could be dead now.

‘100% this whole attack was premeditated. I was specifically targeted, the robbers knew where I was and were alerted to this by somebody who knew my movements.’

Khan himself broke the news of the robbery late on Monday night.

The shaken couple have both described the incident as a potential ‘set-up’ (Picture: PA)

He tweeted: ‘Just had my watch taken off me at gun point in East London, Leyton.

‘I crossed the road with Faryal, luckily she was few steps behind me. Two men ran to me, he asked for my watch whist having a gun pointed in my face. The main thing is we’re both safe.’