Hiplife musician, Captain Planet, of music trio 4×4, has revealed why they went solo.

Speaking in an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM he said, “At a point in time we were very laid back as a group, bringing the brand’s name down that’s why we decided to go solo”.

Captain Planet, who is also a leader of the group, said the other group members were not as ‘aggressive’ as he was.

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“Anyone who knows me knows I am very aggressive and active, I used this quality to drive the group”.

He, however, disclosed that they are coming back as a group, “Ghanaians say they miss our music together so we are preparing to come back”, he announced.

Their debut album was Siklitele in 2003 which was a major success and they followed it with Contestant Number 1.

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Their 2007 album enjoyed major airplay on the back of tracks like HotGirls Dotcom.

Some of their other popular songs are Kpekpele, Rekpete, Odo fitaa among others.