Bishop Charles Agyinasare has refuted claims that he is sympathetic to the nations largest opposition party, NDC.
He says that as a pastor he is involved with people from all walks of life and relates to people from all sides of the political divide equally.
The presiding Bishop of the Perez Chapel Internal also discounted suggestions that his close affiliation to the NDC is the reason behind many of the party bigwigs frequenting his church and are senior members of his congregation.
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Commenting on the issue, Bishop Agyinasare explained that “People choose where to go to church and I can’t stop anybody from coming to church”
Bishop Agyinasare buttressed his neutrality claim by revealing relationships he has built with financiers of governing NPP and the rapport he has with high ranking members of the NPP who attends his church.
He expressed displeasure at the tendency of people to tag you based on some observations they have noted that it wasn’t healthy practice.
“I have a lot of high profiled NPP supporters in my church, people who are big-time financiers of NPP in my church. I have a number of NPP people who are my friends, I mean very close friends. People have their own perceptions and in Ghana, we tag people which is a bad thing” he disclosed.
Bishop Agyinasare was surprised that people misconstrue his association with politicians detailing that he has an association with all governments since the Fourth Republic.
“I have related with every government since 1996 when I was put on the protocol list. I have been involved with Former President Rawlings, was involved with Former President Kufuor, was involved with Former President Professor Atta-Mills, I have been involved with Former President Mahama and I am involved with President Akufo-Addo”
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When quizzed on why he seems to have a casual relationship with Former President Mahama, the respected preacher said “he is a young man, like me”
The presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel Internation was, however, quick to add that his association with political figure doesn’t influence his judgement.
He said he speaks and acts based on his convictions at all times saying “for me, I speak on my convictions every season. During President Rawlings time I spoke my Convictions, during President Kufuor’s time I spoke my convictions, during John’s I did and Nana I do”

Bishop Agyinasare will lead a 3-day festival of miracles crusade to be held at the Independence Square by the Perez Chapel International.
The event, which is open to all, will take place from 30th January to 2nd February and will also be used to mark his 35 years of ministry.
Bishop Agyinasare was confident that the event will be an opportunity for anybody needing a miracle, critics who want a sign to be convinced, and anyone in need to experience the mercies of the Lord.
“A miracle itself is God’s intervention in the affairs of men and at every point, everybody needs a miracle. If you have had a contract and one way or the other you are not able to accomplish it, you need God’s divine intervention. If you are not getting children, you need God’s intervention, like me, I had a drug problem, I needed God’s divine intervention, somebody is sick, they have gone to the hospital and run all the test, doctors say the person has 6weeks or a month to live, that person needs a miracle” he reiterated
“Japan, India, America, Bahrain, Pakistan, Dubai, Nigeria, Kenya all over the world and in Brazil and everywhere, the power of God has been the same. It saved sinners, healed the sick and caused miracles to happen” he stressed