King Promise

Singer and songwriter, King Promise, has stated that his movements and actions have been restricted since he became a celebrity.

Walking on the streets and buying food from vendors are two of such things the ‘Bra’ singer misses since his rise to fame.

Speaking on Drive Time on Joy FM, King Promise said everything he does now is in the news. 


“It’s like you don’t own yourself anymore.

“I can’t go and buy Waakye [boiled rice and beans] again, at least not like I used to before. Someone has to go buy it for me and I can’t also walk around like a regular human being anymore,” he said.

He told Lexis Bill, being a celebrity had taken away his freedom of being a regular human being.

“One time a lady saw me and she started crying. You don’t have to see me and start crying, I’m human but that only shows I’m not normal as I used to be,” he stated.

King Promise added that being in the limelight gives people the chance to also write untrue stories about an artiste.


“One time there was news I was in a particular club when I was home. There have been rumours of me with ladies and many other things that are not true,” he added.

The ‘Commando’ hitmaker said it is easier to endure it because he loves doing music and his fans too.