A very simple experiment I once conducted in my office made me realise that it is most important to bury the bad past experiences, learning from them as you bury them and living the good ones.

It was an experiment that got some people smiling; others would not talk about it while others had disgust all over their faces. Others rolled their eyes and kissed their teeth and others smiled blushingly throughout the day. Some “hated” me, just for that day, for the experiment while others picked up their phones and started searching.

Whatever and however you feel when you read the experiment, just know this, it is MOST IMPORTANT TO BURY THE BAD PAST EXPERIENCES but learn from them and then LIVE THE GOOD EXPERIENCES.

Experiment was a simple question;

Do you remember your FIRST KISS, who it was with, how it was and where the person is in your life today?

You can send me an email with your answers and I am available to talk about how you felt, good or bad.

The author, Isaac Kpodo, is a writer, poet and counselor. He likes to provoke the conscience of his readers with his write ups. You can contact him via email at themiragebefore40@gmail.com