Rapper, Edem says fan armies do not necessarily define how big artistes are.

According to the ‘Heyba’ hitmaker, Nigerian superstar Burna Boy is bigger than all Ghanaian artists even though the ‘Last Last’ singer does not have a recognised fan army.

Speaking to DJ Slim on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz, he explained by juxtaposing Burna Boy’s current reach and influence on the global music scene as bigger than any Ghanaian artiste.

“Nobody knows what Burna Boy’s fan army is but Burna Boy is bigger than any Ghanaian artiste,” he said.

“Ideologies and ideals give the fans a very myopic mindset to think that you can push one artiste so much to get ahead of another and that makes you a better army,” he added.

The musician also noted that, he does not have an officially recognised fan base.

But he acknowledged the existence of a group called ‘Gbevu Nation’, who are keen on promoting his music religiously.

Edem is currently promoting his latest single dubbed ‘We Don’t Really Care’.