People in relationships have been generally advised to abstain from sex till they are married. Some have used religious books, like the Bible, to back their argument.

Singer, Stephanie Benson, a devoted Catholic, seems to have tried to adhere to the rule only to break it at the 11th hour.

The free-spirited singer revealed that she and her fiancé, John, now her husband, agreed to refrain from sex but changed their mind a day to the wedding.

Making the revelation in an interview on Behind the Fame on Drive Time on Joy FM with Lexis Bill, Stephanie Benson said she considered several factors before agreeing to have sex with John.

According to her, she opted for the eve of the wedding “because I just thought that the whole anticipation of waiting on the wedding night because I know [he] will be drunk, whether you will be able to get it up, you don’t know, so I just thought that let’s just do it the day before…”

Stephanie and John married in 1989 and they have been blessed with five children. Their ages range from 27 to 16 years.