Russia -Ukrain (NationalAccord)
Russia -Ukrain (NationalAccord)

Volodymyr Zelensky ’s fear that Russia is preparing a new stage of terror including using chemical weapons is alarming.

Civilians are fleeing Eastern Ukraine ahead of the Battle of the Donbas to escape the fate of those in Mariupol, a besieged city in which it is claimed 21,000 people died.

Bucha, near Kyiv, and other freed towns revealing grisly war crimes are a damning indictment of the Putin regime.

The Kremlin tyrant will never be able to cleanse himself of these horrors whether he faces justice in a court or not.

Accusing the Ukrainians of deviating from agreements at peace discussions in Turkey is Putin pathetically playing the victim when he unleashed the unprovoked attack.

Britain must continue supplying weapons to Ukraine, whoever is Prime Minister, because this is a deadly conflict in which Ukraine must be sustained and Putin must be beaten.

Grant all at sea

Grant Shapps was unusually missing when he would normally go to the opening of an envelope to make headlines.

The current travel chaos is not entirely the Transport Secretary’s responsibility.

But failing to bang heads together to save holidays is an error by the Conservative charged with keeping the country moving.

Airport operators should have recruited more staff ahead of the rush. British Airways should never have fired and rehired workers. P&O should never have sacked 800 seafarers.

And Shapps should have sorted this out.

Covid is partly to blame, sick staff staying at home to recover and avoid spreading the virus.

So too is Brexit at Dover, quitting the European Union creating bureaucracy. Shapps is a problem too. He was asleep at the wheel.

A piece of fake

Artist Ben Cullen’s jaw-dropping illusion cakes really are a slice of genius.

His realistic creations include a man with his legs and arms chopped off but the proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating.