The boy ate peanut sauce laced with rat poison(Getty Images)
The boy ate peanut sauce laced with rat poison(Getty Images)

A woman in Indonesia is facing death by firing squad for accidentally killing a little boy in an apparent failed attempt at revenge.

Nani Aprilliani, 25, has been charged with premeditated murder after 10-year-old Naba Faiz Prasety ate a poisoned khebab intended for her ex-lover, The Times reports.

Her father, Bandiman, is a delivery driver who, according to police, was offered 30,000 rupiah (£1.50) by Miss Aprilliani to drop off a food package at an address in Central Java.

This was reportedly the home of a policeman, named only as Tomy, who had left Miss Aprilliani to marry another woman. Tomy was not home and his wife refused to accept the parcel, containing a meat satay dish, because she didn’t know who had sent it.

The pair were rushed to the local municipal hospital, where she was saved by doctors. Naba, however, didn’t survive.

Investigations revealed that they had been poisoned by the satay sauce which was laced with cyanide rat poison. This was the one part of the meal Bandiman hadn’t eaten.

<p>Aprilliani was charged with murder in the city of Yogyakarta</p>
Aprilliani was charged with murder in the city of Yogyakarta(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Police eventually identified Aprilliani, a beautician from the city of Yogyakarta, in CCTV footage that captured her initial conversation with Bandiman.

She was arrested on April 30, five days after Naba’s death.

Police said she bought the cyanide online at the end of March with the express aim of poisoning her former lover.

“The suspect planned the crime,” said Burkan Rudy Satria, the head of the Yogyakarta police General Crimes Investigation Unit. “She bought the poison for 225,000 rupiah [£11] online.

“Her motive was heartbreak, because the target married someone else, not her.”

She faces 20 years behind bars or execution, which is carried out by firing squad in the Southeast Asian country.