Celestine Donkor
Celestine Donkor

Ghanaian gospel songstress, Celestine Donkor, has cautioned afro-pop songstress Mzbel to avoid blaspheming against the holy spirit because it’s dangerous attack on her destiny.

Her statement comes after the ’16 Years’ hitmaker questioned why pastors are not healing people with coronavirus just like they heal the sick in their churches.

“If churches are being shut down for the purpose of saving lives. Was there a need to have them in the first place?” Mzbel asked in an Instagram post Wednesday.

“Even church pastors are waiting for #CORONAVIRUS to clear so that they can continue healing the Sick!” She said.

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Responding to this, Celestine Donkor took to her Instagram page to write a long post, explaining why Mzbel’s statement is blasphemous and how she can avoid the ‘dangerous’ consequences.

The ‘Bread of Life’ hitmaker said healing comes with a permission from God – indirectly suggesting that God hasn’t permitted pastors to heal coronavirus victims.

Her long post read (unedited): “#DearMzBel, I had to share this here to send this message to others who may be having thoughts like your post. Yes it’s a shame that there are many fake men of God in the system. But there are many genuine ones who are praying day and night and also giving to help in many ways.

“You see, God is ‘Almighty’, the power to heal is God’s. He is the one who gives men of God the opportunity to experience the grace of healing the sick. He gives wisdom to doctors to heal and even native doctors and traditionalists believe that it is the Supreme God who gives them the power to heal. IF HE DOESN’T PERMIT, NO MAN CAN HEAL.

Mzbel and Celestine Donkor
Mzbel and Celestine Donkor

“Though your post may sound like a legitimate question or concern, I humbly advise you my dear, that, even in your unbelief, be careful not to mock the church or pastors and don’t blaspheme against the Holy Spirit. That’s a very dangerous attack on your own destiny.

“Note that every other form of worship or belief are also waiting for this pandemic to end so they can operate including satanists, spiritualists, Muslims, Buddhists etc. If we all think the way you are thinking, WE CAN ALSO SAY THERE IS NO NEED FOR ALL OF THEM TOO. This virus has been predicted many years ago and its one of the clear signs of the coming of the Lord. I love you very much @mzbeldaily for the strong woman you are. Especially, knowing the kinds of abuse you have gone through as a woman and still standing… My dear you are a package of Inspiration. And even though you don’t believe in Jesus…your own simple and ordinary life as a woman would inspire many. PLEASE LEAVE THE CHURCH & PASTORS ALONE WAE.. SPEAKING AGAINST THE GOD OF THE CHURCH IS TOO DANGEROUS- I need you alive until that day you will come to the true encounter with Christ. I am praying for you and I believe in my prayer, its just a matter of GOD’S OWN TIME……Long one here huh.”