Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson aka Bulldog | credit: @bullgod_of_bullhaus
Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson aka Bulldog | credit: @bullgod_of_bullhaus

Entertainment pundit, Bullgod has said parents of artistes should take full responsibility for their conduct.

According to him, they play a pivotal role in instilling discipline and work ethics in children, laying the foundation for their future careers.

Bullgod who is also a talent manager, made the comment on Hitz FM while reacting to claims by playwright, Uncle Ebo White that, the indiscipline on the part of some Ghanaian artistes is due to the lack of proper managers.

He said a lot of the people that artistes appoint as their managers lack the power to enforce discipline.

But Bulldog without mincing words, said managers should be cut some slack and the blame be shifted to parents, whom he opined are the real cause.

“If an artiste is messing up, don’t blame managers, blame the parents. Parents are the first managers to train any child who later becomes an artiste. They are the ones to train them while we managers simply nurture their talents. If they got the right training at home, they will know the value of hard work” he added.

Bullgod continued that, as managers, they are restricted in their dealings with artistes, as they can only bring suggestions, but cannot force artistes to implement them.

He urged artistes to take ownership of their craft, emphasizing that it’s their job, and no one should need constant pampering or supervision to fulfill their responsibilities.

His remarks were however, challenged by some pundits during the show on Hitz FM, who argued that, managers are paid for their jobs, hence they also have a responsibility to nurture artistes.

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