It seems like new-age self-proclaimed prophets across the world, particularly in Africa, are always coming up with novel ways to “cure” and “heal” the afflicted as they minister to their congregants.

These prophets seem to be in a constant battle to do the most outrageous things so as to attract a large following to their churches.

The latest to join the trend is Zimbabwe clergyman, Prophet Freddy.

The founder of the Goodness and Mercy Ministries is trending after he made a woman ease herself on his altar during a healing service.

During the rather undignified healing process, the Prophet can be heard shouting “come out, come out”, as the woman ran across the stage to look for a spot to ease herself.

After the woman had the bowel movement on stage, congregants can be seen clapping ‘sheepishly’, while Prophet T. Freddy declares that they have just witnessed the “power of God.”

The video of the healing was shared on the church’s social media platforms. The video is now going viral after being shared widely.

Some of his congregants covered their faces in shame, while others simply applauded the pastor for his healing prowess.

Netizens have also called for the arrest of Prophet Freddy for exploiting the vulnerability of his members.

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