Kennedy Agyapong (left) and Daniel Obinim (right)
Kennedy Agyapong (left) and Daniel Obinim (right)

The tussle between popular politician Kennedy Ohene Agyapong and controversial pastor Daniel Obinim has taken a spiritual dimension.

The two personalities, who have been throwing salvos at each other in the media lately, now want to test each other spiritually to establish who is stronger.

Bishop Obinim, the leader of the International God’s Way Church was the first to threaten to deal ruthlessly with Mr Agyapong in the ‘spiritual realm’.

According to him, Mr Agyapong was getting on his nerves, for which reason he (Obinim) would spiritually silence him once and for all.

Speaking in a recorded video, Bishop Obinim said Mr Agyapong had been spreading lies about him, but he had remained calm in the face of extreme provocation.

Bishop Obinim stated that he had realised Mr Agyapong is assuming he is weak and cannot react to what he said were spurious allegations against him, adding that he is ever ready to face the Member of Parliament (MP).

“I have decided to break my silence and start dealing with Kennedy Agyapong in the spiritual realm; you will all see the outcome,” Bishop Obinim threatened.

Kennedy Accepts Challenge

Interestingly, Mr Agyapong, in response, instantly accepted the spiritual challenge and said Bishop Obinim is powerless so he cannot harm him.

Mr Agyapong, who has vowed to expose all fake pastors and spiritualists, then dared Bishop Obinim to do his worst, stating emphatically that he knows that Bishop Obinim is just making noise.

“Bishop Obinim has no power and I am not afraid of him. If he claims to have power then he should challenge me spiritually,” he fired.

Restarts Obinim Attacks

According to the Assin Central MP, he decided to stop attacking Bishop Obinim, but he would break his promise and resume the attacks.

He said Bishop Obinim had bragged that he would deal with him spiritually and that was why he (Kennedy) had decided to resume the attacks on him.

Asked by the interviewer if he wanted to end his life in the hands of Bishop Obinim, the MP laughed and retorted “he can never kill me because he is powerless.”

Obinim/Kennedy Brouhaha

The two have been at each other’s throat lately as they have made counter accusations against each other in the media.

The Assin Central MP has been at the forefront, firing verbal assaults at Bishop Obinim, whom he described as ‘fake’ and a ‘fraudulent’ pastor, who has been bonking many ladies.

In a direct response, Bishop Obinim, who was quiet initially, just last week, threatened to ruthlessly deal with him in the spiritual realm for denting his image.