Bisa Kdei
Bisa Kdei

Amid the ongoing Sarkodie-Yvonne Nelson sexual controversy, opinions have inundated the social media space, but artiste Bisa Kdei’s attempt to add to the conversation was immediately greeted with backlash.

After being opportuned to listen to Sarkodie’s Try Me, a diss song and reply to Yvonne Nelson, Bisa opined that his colleague’s song is fire, adding that it has earwormed its way into his head.

What he did not see coming was the insults and backlash from netizens who advised him to focus on his music and desist from inserting himself into matters that do not concern him.

Bisa is quoted to have responded that “there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging how good a song is. Their problem is between them. I have my own issues too. Don’t tag everything as same.”

However, his reply further invited drags as netizens reminded him of a similar scandal he was involved in with artiste Becca and how that narrative was unfair to his brand.

A seemingly irate Bisa Kdei warned netizens to desist from dragging Becca’s name into the mud while they focus on their own lives.