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The wife of the Prime Minister of Bahamas, Anne-Marie Davis, will on Saturday attend the enstoolment of her son, Christopher Davis as ‘Safohene’ in the Ahanta West Traditional Council to represent the area in The Bahamas and wider Caribbean.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, they have received a compliment from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Public Service of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas for the coronation.

It hinted that Mr Christopher Davis is the son of the Prime Minister, Phillip Davis and Mrs Anne-Marie Davis.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also announced that Mrs Davis would be accompanied by a delegation consisting of Jamaal Rolle, Ambassador for Cultural Affairs, and Mr Kenneth C.Wallace Whitfield, Foreign Service Officer.

In the Western Region, the entourage would tour the Princess Town and Fort Fredericksburg, and visit Fort Bateinsten, where they would pay a courtesy call on Obrempon Hima Dekyi XIV, Omanhen of Upper Dixcove and continue to Fort MetalCross.

The entourage would also stop by at Nzulezu, a village on silt and the Ankasa Rain Forest.

The Prime Minister would also pay a courtesy call on the Regional Minister Mr Kwabena Okyere Darko­ Mensah and the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), which would be followed by a tour of Fort Orange, Bisa Abrewa Museum and the Takoradi Harbour.

The entourage comprised Mrs Ann Marie Davis, Office of the Spouse, Jamaal Rolle, Bahamas Ambassador of Cultural Affairs, Mr Kenneth Wallace-Whitfield, Senior Foreign Services Officer, and Mr Andrew Wilson, Ghanaian businessperson in the Bahamas.

The rest are; Mrs Tamara Davis, Ms Angelique McKay, Leader of Junkanoo Commandos, Mr Stephen Kenyah Arthur, a representative from the Ahanta West MunicipalAssembly (AWMA) and Mr Isaac Danso, a representative from GTA.