Fie photo: Baby

Residents of Awutu Ofaakor in the Central region have rescued a two-day-old baby who was dumped in a bush in the area.

According to some residents, who spoke to Adom News, a boy in the process of attending to nature’s call heard the cry of the baby and reported to some residents who hurried to the scene.

The baby, who was wrapped in a cement paper and cloth at the time of rescue, was maggot ridden with bruises all over his body.


Some of the witnesses pointed accusing fingers at a teenager who was pregnant in the area and she was immediately arrested by the Ofaakor police.

However, the police are said to have released her after she denied knowledge of the baby with the defence that she suffered a miscarriage.

The baby, since the rescue, has been bathed by some of the residents and is currently undergoing treatment at a CHPS Compound in the locality with engagements on-going for the social welfare to take custody of the baby.